Payment and Cancellation Policy

Weekly Music Lessons:
We require monthly installment payments at the beginning of each month to reserve your recurring weekly time slot for music lessons. We accept cash and all major credit cards (via Square) at or before the 1st lesson of the month.

During August through May (10 months), you will be billed an equal rate each month for the cost of 4 lessons, regardless of whether there are 3, 4 or 5 lessons in the month (There are 5 weeks in August 2017, but I am only billing for 4!). Billing is based on an expectation of taking 40 lessons per year.

Single Lessons:
Single lessons may be purchased and scheduled individually, without a regular time slot. In June and July we switch to single lesson billing for all students so you can schedule as many lessons as you want for summer.

Lesson Cancellations and Credits:
Cancel more than 3 hours before your scheduled lesson time to be eligible for a make up lesson credit.

Make Up Lesson Credits:
Lesson credits can be made up during the summer in June and July. Our availability for rescheduling lessons during the school year is often limited as our schedule tends to stay completely full. If you do not use all your lesson credits from the previous school year by July 31st, you will lose those credits when the new billing cycle starts over in August for the next school year… I will provide an accrued credits statement for all students at the end of the school year in May. I can provide a statement of your credits at any time upon your request.

General Cancellation Policy:
* Please email or call if you need to cancel, as cell phone text messages are less reliable and may sometimes fail to be delivered.
* Your lesson is officially canceled when we reply to confirm we received the cancellation notice.
* Cancel less than 3 hours before your scheduled lesson time and you will be charged full price for that lesson.
* Cancel more than 3 hours before your scheduled lesson time to be eligible for a make up lesson credit
* Cancel without any notice (no call/no show) and you will be charged full price for your missed lesson

Permanent Cancellation / Discontinuing Music Lessons:
You may permanently cancel lessons at any time. When you choose to permanently cancel lessons, you forfeit any lesson credits you may have on your account.

Summer Music Lessons:
During June and July, if you have claimed all of your lesson credits and would like additional lessons, those will be billed on an individual basis as needed.

Inclement Weather Policy:
When school and other activities are canceled on storm days, the weather has frequently cleared by lesson time in the afternoon or evening. If in doubt as to whether or not lessons are on, please call your instructor; the final decision on storm cancellations will be left to the discretion of the teacher.

Lessons are canceled for all major national holidays.


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