Payment and Cancellation Policy

Monthly Tuition for Weekly Music Lessons:
We require monthly tuition payments for in-home lessons and lessons at Horizons Kids. Tuition amount due will depend on the number of lesson days planned for the month. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards (via Square) at or before the 1st lesson of the month. *A $12 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Single Lessons:
Single lessons may be purchased and scheduled individually, without a regular time slot.

General Cancellation Policy:
* You must notify me via email or phone call to cancel your lesson. (Texts are less reliable & may fail to be delivered)
* Cancel without any notice (no call/no show) and you will be charged full price for your missed lesson
* Cancel within 90 minutes before your lesson time and you will be charged 50% for that day’s lesson
* Cancel with more than 90 minutes notice and you can receive a make-up lesson or credit for next month

Teacher Cancellation:
On the rare occasion that a teacher cancels and is unable to reschedule, we will do our best to reschedule. If we cannot reschedule the lesson, a credit will be provided for the next month’s tuition and the student will not be charged for the missed lesson.

Inclement Weather Policy:
When school and other activities are canceled on storm days, the weather has frequently cleared by lesson time in the afternoon or evening. If in doubt as to whether or not lessons are on, please call your instructor; the final decision on storm cancellations will be left to the discretion of the teacher. Students will not be charged for lessons canceled by the instructor.

Holidays and School Vacation Weeks:
Lessons may or may not be canceled on national holidays. Any lessons canceled due to holidays will be adjusted in your tuition at the beginning of that month; you do not pay for lessons scheduled on a national holiday (such as July 4th, Thanksgiving). Please let us know in advance if you know you would like to cancel lessons during school vacation weeks. Lessons will continue during school vacation weeks unless otherwise noted by your instructor.

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